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[SNP]New model armey and Jizzy secound misson


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missons:New model army and Jizzy 2nd misson


notes:plz help me even in woozeys misson just say me how to improve my swimming skill i swam for a long time but that skill was not enough plz help thanx.............

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OK so you want 'New Model Army', ' T-Bone Meddez' (or 'Mike Toreno') and your lung capacity increased? Sound about right?


I'm on it


For: Sarma

Mission: New Model Army, T-Bone Mendez, 100% lung capacity

Helper: Wolf68k

Link: Click Of Icarus

Notes: Stored a FCR-900 in the gas station garage after T-Bone Mendez mission. I had to spend a good bit of cash on getting some SMG ammo, you didn't leave a whole lot to work with to do the mission.


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