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FPS code exploitation

mer cinder

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Well I posted this idea as a tag-on on an older thread in the request forum, but I think I'll expand upon it and make an official list (that we can all add on to of course), so for an idea on how to approach this:


Altering the camera weapon/pickup

-Allow CJ to run, jump, and crouch while looking through the camera lens.

-Make the action button to make CJ look through the lens into a toggle switch.


-and from there expand on the weapons, parachutes, etc.

-Maybe the code could be altered so all weapons have scopes and zoomable scopes (weapon appropriete) and they are all on when you equip the weapon. This could be applied to the camera as well. This way you could still maintain the 3rd person camera by just equipping your fist and mellee and whatever else in the game can't handle or isn't appropriate for a 1st person cam (I don't think anybody would be bummed too much if we couldn't drive in FPV, it can always be switched manually.



So there we go... sorry I can't offer any actual code alteration... I'm just an overopinionated asshole with a gimmie gimmie attitude... A product of the American social system indeed.


But at least i'm throwing some ideas out for you insanely talented coders out there to fiddle around with.



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