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Why does my code get executed twice?

Bob Ghengis Khan

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Bob Ghengis Khan

I'm really at my wit's end here. I've spent the last few hours trying to debug a mod I was working on, and I found about an hour ago that my problem was actually due to a loop I created at the very beginning of the script. Here's the part I'm having trouble with, I've removed almost all the mod code and put the mp5 in there to debug why its being run twice (its adding two mp5 bullets):



0001: wait 0 ms

0247: request_model #MP5LNG

038B: load_requested_models



0001: wait 250 ms

00D6: if 0

0248: model #MP5LNG available

004D: jump_if_false ££LABELLOOP

00D6: if 0

0256: player $PLAYER_CHAR defined

004D: jump_if_false ££LABELLOOP

00D6: if 0

0449: actor $PLAYER_ACTOR in_a_car

004D: jump if false ££LABELLOOP


01B2: give_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon 29 ammo 1


Really didnt want to ask here, because it seems like something so small and stupid, and since I was getting the later parts to all work, I thought I was really getting the hang of it. But executing this twice really makes a big problem for me at the end of the code, and I spent almost all my time on this mod trying to debug the wrong spots til just recently. Frustrated as hell cause I'm sure its something terribly obvious. Can anyone help?

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More often than not, a double occurance is code that's being run once because the main thread runs into it and once because of a create_thread. If this is the case, just give the main thread a code trap like

:main3wait 5000jump main3



If you don't mind me saying so, your code is a bit backwards. Wouldn't you want to ascertain that the player is fit for accepting a gun BEFORE bothering to load it? Also, your first wait isn't needed and the second should be wait 0 since it's just a load loop. I also don't understand ONLY giving him the gun if he's in a car, but that's your choice.

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