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GTA nu-life Playstation3


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It's expected Rockstar will make something similar to GTA, as they are doing already with Warriors and Bully, however, recent magazine story on Playstation 3 states things like ports and HDD will be cut to reduce the cost of the unit when released. It is expected to sell at $400, and they go on to say that makes Sony lose $100 per machine to make it affordable to most. That is still close to the price for a used PC these days so it HAS to be damn good.


That being said, the PSP seems like a steal in comparison, but I still have high hopes for the PS3

I'm not sure I'll get it as soon as it's out though. Likelyhood of that price dropping further will be well off into the future, so start saving now.



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Thanks for the repeatitive topic, its been around a few times... Yeah $400 is still a lot for a game system... Though, when the 3DO came out in 94/5, it was $600... Please Lock



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