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I'm going through MMO withdrawals


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I can't play LLRO..this hasn't happened before and it's been going on for over a month...I can log in but it won't connect, I'm going through withdrawals. I know this sounds cheesy or fake but there will be times when I will lay in bed in a sleep-like state but I'm not sleeping I'm in my own world playing ragnarok...I think I need tech or mental help blush.gif
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The same kind of a thing happens to me after a long day of working on a video shoot for 18-24 hours straight....then, tired as hell....I get in bed and I hear the voices of the people at the shoot.


It's kind of like if you stare at a piece of paper with dots on it for a minute and then look away at something else, the dots will still be there for about 2-3 seconds.



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