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I read the pinned topics, it describes how to fix but not what it fixes.

My problem is the audio sync during cutscenes and i cant get rid of it.

So was just wondering if some helpfull and generous sirs would tell me wich of the fixes i see in the pinned topics match that bug.


Also, i have to set sound acceleration to none.

its not emulated by default, but becomes emulated when i push it to left side.

If i dont do that, the pc crash with a screwed bluscreen.


Maybe those probems are linked, i read many things about it but didt found a clear solution that i could understand.

(i have 1Gb ram, 128Mb ati 9800XT, latest catalysts, and CyberMedia onboard soundcard.)


Thnk you.

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thank you

doesnt work for me tho confused.gif

gonna try to leave these settings and set back acceleration to full, but i m goin to crash again for sure.

if not i will edit this.


i tried to reinstall adpcm codecs with "add new hardware..." and it doesnt change things neither.



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I have mine at 'standard acceleration' wich is one notch below the highest setting. I am using SoundMax digital audio (onboard). Hopefully the real patch is on the horizon. Incase you made a mistake in the stream file, this is what mine looks like below.



memory 13500

devkit_memory 13500

vehicles 12

pe_lightchangerate 0.0005

pe_lightingbasecap 0.35

pe_lightingbasemult 0.5

pe_leftx 16

pe_topy 16

pe_rightx 16

pe_bottomy 16






If nothing works don't stress it, there are plenty of other things to enjoy in the game until the patch comes out. You can always call tech support.

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