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Issue 4!__________________ 09/11/05







Article: Athletes Helping Katrina Victims
By: woodprior383
. As I'm sure we all know, a few southern states have been hit by a hurricane. Hurricane Katrina is easily one of the worst hurricanes of all time. It is one of only 4 category 5 hurricanes ever recorded. It has left New Orleans in a flooded mob of dead bodies and looters.


People were taking refuge in the Superdome on Louisiana. Before long the roof was beginning to peel off. People are now being taken to the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.


After all of this the rescue missions started. And so far some of the biggest helpers have come from the sports world. The owner of the Houston Texans, Bob Mcnair, will donate $1 million to the relief effort. The entire Green Bay Packers team is flying generators and other emergency supplies to Nashville, where it will then be driven the rest of the way to help the disaster victims.


Friends Steve McNair and Brett Favre are sending a semi trailer full of supplies to the areas that need it the most. It will contain canned foods, water, and anything else that is needed.


Chris Duhon, the young Chicago Bulls star, is from Slidell, Mississippi, one of the areas that was hit the hardest. He is working with FEMA and is taking donations himself. Former New Orleans Hornets player Baron Davis donated $50,000 to the Red Cross. Today, the Charlotte Bobcats plan to give the American Red Cross $25,000, and the Los Angeles Lakers and Sparks are donating $10,000.


Other teams are helping out in other ways. In addition to collecting donations, the WNBA's Houston Comets will give free playoff tickets to Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama residents.


I encourage everyone who reads this to make a donation. Even the littlest bit will help immensely. Here is a list of places where you can donate to the relief effort.


The American Red Cross


Network for Good


Steve McNair Foundation, 209 10th Avenue South, Suite 342-B, Nashville, TN 37203


Stand Tall Foundation, c/o Chris Duhon, 1151 N. State St., Box 249, Chicago, IL 60610.


You could help a lot by donating a little.


Article: Sports Weekly Productions
By: D Jones
. The Sports Weekly Staff now present you with “Sports Weekly Productions”, where we, The Sports Weekly Staff, present you with the top notch sports activities and discussion threads in the Sports Area of GTAForums. At this moment, only staff members are allowed to present their threads with Sports Weekly Productions, but if you are thinking about creating a thread please contact us first so we can see if it could be featured to “Sports Weekly Productions”.


Contact Us at –

Giving us information about the thread, and if we approve, we should accept you on the staff and you get the O.K to have us on your thread, and to have your thread on our “Sports Weekly” front page.




Article: Good Start for the Irish
By: Cuse510
. Charlie Weis started his first season as Notre Dame head football coach in style, beating #23 Pittsburgh 42-21 away from home. The Irish came into the game unranked, but now are ranked #20 in the AP poll. They started by going down 7-0, but then went on a 42-3 run, ending in the 3rd quarter with a 4 yard touchdown run by Rashon Powers-Neal. That touchdown in the 3rd was Powers-Neal’s 3rd of the game.


Although Powers-Neal had the most points in the game, Darius Walker was better overall. He ended up with 100 yards rushing and over 50 yards receiving. He had one touchdown on the ground and one through the air. Quarterback Brady Quinn did not have a bad game either, throwing for 2 touchdowns and over 200 yards, but one interception. They will need both of these players to step up even more for their upcoming (even though it will be over by the time of this release) game against Michigan in the Big House.


Many Notre Dame fans are already in love with Charlie Weis. I, however, cannot help but think back to Tyrone Willingham. Even if Weis does have a great year this year, the Irish had a great year in Willingham’s first year. Tyrone was hailed as a savior, and the Irish were thought to be back on the path to glory. But Willingham then had two decent years, and two “decent” years in a row just doesn’t cut it for the Irish. He was fired three years into his five-year contract. Who knows, maybe Charlie Weis will have three great seasons. Fans should not get their expectations up too high after the first game though.


Article: FSU gets a close win against the ‘Canes.


By: D Jones
. Florida State, with QB problems, pushed out the win against The Hurricanes. But this is exactly why I think both team moved this game to the first game for both of them, if one of them loses they still have a chance to get the Conference Championship/BCS bowl.


Anyways, it was a great game. With FSU winning, this snaps the streak of 6 straight years that Miami has deafeated FSU. And no doubt this was one of the best games between them. With FSU’s QB Weatherford not getting it done in the game, around the 4th quarter Coach Bowden sent out Redshirt Freshman Xaiver Lee. Miami was expecting big from them, but they did a reverse handoff and it went big.


But on the good side for Miami, they have two up-and-coming stars, Kyle Wright & Greg Olsen. Kyle Wright, who was playing like a Senior, and Greg Olsen looking like Winslow/Shockey out there. Kyle Wright was the HS player of the year back in ’02 and Miami was expecting a lot from him, and so far he has produced. Greg Olsen transferred from Notre Dame, and that has payed off big. Miami’s O-Line didn’t give Wright anytime to throw though, with 9 sacks the whole game. FSU’s Defense is awesome, and people underrated it.


Next year, once Florida State has settled down with their QB, I can assure you that they will win the Championship.


Article: TCU beats #7 OU Sooners
By: D Jones
. It’s embarrasing. OU lost to TCU, one of the worst teams last year, and worst defenses last year. OU couldn’t run, pass, play defense, or block. Adrian Peterson had 20+ carries and was stopped. He had a few big runs, but after that he got stuffed. Paul Thompson fumbled the football on the 3 yard line, causing us not to score. And Rhett Bomar fumbled it while being sacked. I mean, overall, it was a horrible game for OU.



But, you couldn’t expect much from OU. They have a new QB, WR’s, TE’, O-Linemen, D-Linemen, Linebackers, Seconardy, and two new Kickers. They’re very young and are expected to become stars here in the future.


If Stoops can keep with one QB, and just keep him in there, then the team chemistry would stay the same. IMO, you start Paul Thompson every game, and keep him in. OU Fans have been waiting for him to play, now he has, now let him.


OU Sooners will have 3 more loses to Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Texas this year.


Article: Recent NBA News
By: Nate Baker1
. All right time for this week's NBA news!


Ok off the bat is some of the news about Michael Finley. After being offered spots by the Suns, Spurs, Pistons, and Heat, Finley choose to go to the champion San Antonio Spurs. Some think that the Spurs will now have too many stars in Parker, Duncan, Ginobili, Bowen, and the rest of them. But either way it makes the Spurs that much better. We will have to wait and see how Finley fits into the Spurs lineup. I imagine him starting and Ginobili being a sixth man again. Also another player in Nick Van Exel signed with the Spurs. Van Exel could provide a good backup for Parker other than relying on the sophomore Udrih.


In other news, guard Milt Palacio signed with the Utah Jazz. The 6 year veteran looks to help rebuild the disastrous Jazz after their disappointing season last year. Along with big name players like AK-47, and Carlos Boozer, it could be a big turnaround.


Also, more big news, but not a signing, an extension. Rockets center Yao Ming received a contract extension further securing him for five more years. The deal is estimated at 12.5 million smackers. Due to the new CBA the deal won’t be put to use until next season.


Due to Hurricane Katrina’s wrath on the southern part of the US, Kenny Smith has decided to host a Charity game on TNT this Sunday. Big name players like Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudemire, LeBron James, Jermaine O’Neal, and others are going to participate and donate money to help out with the relief.


Also some other small signs have occurred. Miami guard Damon Jones has signed with the Cavaliers. Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown said, “His character, his ability to shoot the basketball from the perimeter and his playmaking skills will be a solid addition to our team.”

Obviously Jones with provide a great defensive presence and one of the best three point shooters in the league.


Thanks for reading the news this week. Also, I would like to send my condolences to all the citizens, police, and army personnel who are trying to help and survive in New Orleans.

Article: More NBA Analysis
By: Cuse510
. Rockets resign Dikembe Mutombo for 2 years: Good deal. Even though he is old, he is a great backup C for Yao. He can still swat shots like no other.


Michael Finley signs with Spurs: Not sure where he'll fit in with Parker, Manu, and Bowen, but he is still a solid player. Needs to stay healthy.


Yao Ming signs extension with Rockets through 2010-11 season: Yao is still improving, and playing with T-Mac can't hurt him.


Nick Van Exel signs with the Spurs: Yet another backcourt guy giving up minutes to play for the champions. He is streaky, but I think he will beat out Beno Udrih for the backup PG spot.


Tyson Chandler signs 6-year deal with the Bulls: Great deal. Tyson is still only 22, and is improving a lot. He is not a tremendous scorer, but grabs many key rebounds and can block shots. He plays with intensity, which Scott Skiles loves.


Also, Damon Jones signed a Four year deal with the Cavs. Cleveland seems poised to make a run at the Eastern Conference title. Also, they're keeping King James happy. Look for Damon Jones to provide solid outside shooting and back up at both guard positions. Nice pick up.



D Jones
Nate Baker1
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Yet again, all American-Sports!


Still, a good read, but we seriously need new writers from outside the US. So before you guys bitch about that, make sure you contribute before you bitch.




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Yea that would be great man. That tennis match today could be a good article for next week.


We really need some people to step up and get us some non-American sports. We need some diversity.

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Hey Cuse thanks for more ona analysis. I new mine was long enough but with the hurricane fixating all of the attention, i kinda didnt have much. Pkus there are no more decent free agents left.


I could do special articles from time to time. But that all depends on school.

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Please take that question to the Sports Weekly Front Office Thread. I dont know where it is but Im sure you will be able to find it.
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