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bug(?) when trying to aim


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I read in forum the auto aim is not enabled on pc, wich is fine for me as i prefer to aim with mouse.

But my problem is when there are no pple around, usually it works fine, i push my rmb to aim, i see the crosshair and all is fine, except i dont have to shoot lol.


Now when i m in middle of a battle or i must as quick as possible aim and kill people, i push the rmb, i can see the arm of cj moving, but he doesnt aim, and that damn cursor/crosshair doesnt appear, so i cant shoot.

So i must push it several times.

And if i m lucky i can get the crosshair before i die....


this is really annoying.

Does someone know anything about that?


Sorry if answer is ovious but i dont find it...


Thnk you

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Maybe you will prefer having PS2 aiming instead of your glitchy PC?


go to controller options and change from Mouse+Keyboard to Joypad(Joystick) and now in game u will be able to aim like on PS. wink.gif i think this is better, than NO aiming at all smile.gif



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Thnks but its too crappy smile.gif

Can you make headshots this way? i couldnt...

also you cant move the character aswell as with mouse...


THO, forget my stupid post, got to change my mouse lol just found out RMB is half dead, thats why when i have to push it long time its screwed sometimes smile.gif


there are no game bug involved for this, ... for once smile.gif



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