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If you're using Firefox or Mozilla here's something that can help you when posting you're results. BBCode extension


After you get it installed and have restarted the browser, go to a text area field like ones used for web-based email or making a post in a forum (you can also use the Extensions Manager) and right-click select BBCode->Settings->Custom Tags

Set it to 1 (you can make up to 10) set the lable to something like: SNP Helper

For the Tag field type the following...or you can copy&paste


[b]For:[/b] \n[b]Missions:[/b] \n[b]Helper:[/b] YOURNAME\n[b]Link:[/b] \n[b]Notes:[/b] \n[b][color=orange]Complete[/color][/b]



The bold and the last part for Complete are optional. The \n how is extremely important, they tell the extension to use a new line.


Now all you have to do when you want to post your results is to edit your post like normal, that is assuming you posted an "I'm on it" post first, then right-click BBCode->Custom Tags->SNP Helper and then just fill in the blanks.


It would looks something like this when posted (minus the blanks filled it):









Q: Do I have to use this extension?

A: No, using the extension is not required, but it can help and you're sure not to leave anything out.




I'm going to be adding this to the rules but only as nice bit of info.

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While GTAFcode is based on BBcode, it cannot do custom tags. I did put in a request to add it.


If it could I would have linked that and told how to do it in there as well.

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