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Hey sorry to start a new topic but I need a cheat code found or made in a trainer or whatever you can do.


I need a cheat that lets me see the playes xyz position just like the fps cheats do. There may already be a trainer that may be able to do this so if there is let me know please. I cant import map objects simply yet but this would be even easier. With the xyz coords I could find out all the map scales by importing one simple object (wich I can do but its hard so 1 is my only option) then using xyz coords I could develope a map scaler so i can start map moding long before tools can actually come out.


If you can get me this I will definitly find a way to repay your kindness (Ill make anything for you!) Thanks :)Thats my rant And im sticking to it!!

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You could try out Spaceeinsteins all in one mod it has coordinates to, I always use sa place manager but then you need to alt+tab alot.- Slurp Slurp, Hmmm... Sprunk!

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Hehe thanks, I just found out kam made every tool needed for san an and now its not an issue. Man Im freaking out right now, what do i mod first(maps, animation,characters and vehicles oh god)?Thats my rant And im sticking to it!!

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