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camera angles n perspectives in gta sa


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i was just thinking, just the other day i was able to beat gta3 by going way back to ammunation 2 get sum warefare on catalina's ass n you know, i neva enter ammunation that much as i always save my ammo n weapons by not getting wasted or busted ingame.


anyway, when i did go into ammunation n have the fade-2-black sorta thing n load up the interiors, i always thought the camera angle that you have when inside the gun shop was kinda cool cos it gives you a different look to how the interior looks like inside as well as having a nice touch to having a camera pan across following your direction as you go about running around collecting weapons.


i like it cos with that camera moving around as you move around inside the interior in gta, it doesnt get in the way of the view as you run around n also doesnt make you even touch the right stick of your pad to even center your vision ingame cos the camera always gives you a good view to move around without even blocking what you see in front of you.


same could be said of the camera perspectives in vice city where you enter the lighthouse and has the camera follow you while you go up/downstairs similar to the upstairs in mgs1 on ps1 where youre going up a flight of neverending stairs while enemies try n stop you going up there.


and the golf club in vice city where going thru the gate makes your weapons drop off from you until you collect them later when you get out and it had a surveilance camera style to it when entering n exiting the golf club, i thought that looked cool too.


what im saying is that you should bring that back into san andreas, that interior camera panning from gta3 that you get when inside ammunation as well as the toilet block where ray hangs out in his cubicle. now thats anotha 1 i like also, where youre running up inside n then moving around while the camera changes angles n perspectives like as in mgs 2, devil may cry, god of war, and so on.


that i like too cos it gives out a nice 3rd person action look when you have camera angles n perspectives change while you go in different directions.


anotha idea i thought up is using the gta3 overhead cam inside interiors.


now theres an idea, make an overhead cam for inside interiors so you can get a betta view of where youre going when inside a building. think of it as a gta3 overhead cam for gta sa interiors. is that possible tho?


and also you should be able that when inside interiors you can change camera angles and perspectives to get a betta overall look of what your scenery youre in would look like.


just think, you go inside your johnson house in grove st, you get a camera angle perspective similar to the ammunation camera angles and toilet camera angless in gta3 n be able to roam around inside without not having to touch your right stick to tweak your vision.


the camera can be coded where it can follow you intelligently and change perspectives n angles when going in different directions like in metal gear solid 2 so when you go up or down stairs, into different rooms, etc the camera cuts, changes, spins around, and zooms in and out like when youre nearby garages n youre just going in getting your car or coming out when youve parked.


just figured it would be cool stylistically wise you know? would any1 know anything about that sorta thing n be able to add that sorta effect to the interiors of gta sa?


it would be sweet if that can be made.


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