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[SNP] End of the Line


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I have tried this mission dozens of times, but cannot catch sweet at the end. I'd like to go do all the other missions, and I want to get this out of the way.


Here is my save file: http://s53.yousendit.com/d.php?id=2NFLSIRSX9ICWOXFDND90UESC


I don't care if you use cheats or any tricks to beat it, I just want it to be out of my hair.


Thank you very much.











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Are you aware that "End of the Line" is the last storyline mission? smile.gif


fyi: to catch Sweet, all you have to do is ram into the back of the firetruck.

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Yes, I know this is the last mission, I have read how it ends and tried so many times, it's ridiculous. I can get all the way through the factory, but cannot even get anywhere near the truck to be able to ram it. I've gotten close to it a couple times on that switchback turn it makes by the railroad tracks, but aside from that part of the chase, I am always about a half-block to a block behind it and can't get closer, even using cheats. I've only had this kind of trouble with one other mission, "vertical bird". For some reason, on certain random missions, the controls on my computer just make it impossible to do anything. Thanks for your help.

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For: sczhed

Mission(s): End Of The Line

Helper: Plaka

Link: The FILE




COMPLETED wink.gif



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