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Super GT weirdness


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While working on a handling line for the Super GT as part of my GTASA Handling Overhaul, I have noticed that it seems to respond to handling settings in a completely messed up way. With the standard handling it suffers from a massive amount of oversteer and is nearly impossible to drive around corners without spinning out. I've tried giving it the handling of extremely stable vehicles but it still has a lot more oversteer than these stable vehicles.


I can only assume that there is something very different about the way the DFF is set up, such as having the origin placed differently than other vehicles. This would mean that the CenterOfMass settings would move it to a different location than the same settings with a different car. Since the position of the mass is critical to the balance of the vehicle, I'd be very grateful of a 3D modeller could check the model and give some screenshots of where the origin actually is when compared to a stable vehicle, such as the Elegy.


Another bizarre characteristic it has is that the inside rear wheel lifts up off the ground when you steer hard and release the throttle, which makes it oversteer all the more. This makes me think that as well as having a badly placed origin, the rear axle is placed lower than the front one or the axis along the length of the vehicle chassis is at an angle. If I can see for certain that the DFF is set up differently and by how much, I should be able to compensate for it with the handling. At the moment, I can't be sure if the DFF really is weird or whether I'm missing something in the handling.

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I like yourself am quite interested in the finer points of the handling, although you seem to have a deeper understanding of it all, and I haver taken a look at the dff for you.

Unfortunately I have replaced the origonal car with a Diablo and this is also the one in my back up file, but the dff seems to transfer onto the replacement, thr dff deos seem to be slightly forward biased by about ten percent. Which we both know ncould explain a few things about this cars handling.

The Diablo origonaly handled like the SuperGT when I installed it and has now had its handling replaced with Bullet handling and seems not too bad.


I'll edit in a dff piccy for you later, wish I had the origonal dff so I could hit the nail right on the head but I assure you the handling was the same until I altered it.


Annnnd heres that pic.


user posted image


I will say that with that dropship mod I created I moved the chassis dummy and this did move the vehicles centre of gravity with it, although I have noticed that not all vehicles have this separate node and may also be done through the main dff node(the big blue box in the picture above).

Hope this can give you some insight into your problem.

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Aha! That explains it then! Especially helpful is FDA's overlay, which show the Elegy has a more rearward box since when it is aligned with the Super GT, the Elegy's nose and tail are offset from the Super GT. It isn't a massive difference but CoM settings have a very large impact upon vehicle handling. Thanks guys, I should be able to compensate for this now I can see the actual distance it is offset by. smile.gif


I might need this sort of help with other vehicles that behave weirdly to see if it's caused by the handling or the DFF. I havn't come across any yet and it will probably be a while before I move away from the current batch of cars I am overhauling.


Thanks again!

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