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[SNP]Driving School, Quarry missions


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i can`t pass the "burn and lap thing" blush.gif ...can`t think of passing the others either...(--->remainds me that school starts tomorrow)...and the quarry thing really upsets me


Mission: Driving School, Quarry Missions

Link: http://bluehydraro.hostnmore.com/samutz/sa...7230e56a2ca4de9

Notes: use cheats if it helps...take all the time u want.





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For: flaky

Mission(s): Back To School, Quarry Misions (upto Level5)

Helper: Plaka

Link: The FILE




some COMPLETED wink.gif




i. School is All Gold

ii. I failed on Level 7 for the Quarry and its too late 03:27 another Helper will complete for you or I will tomorrow wink.gif

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