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Can anybody create these cars?


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Hey, I´ve got a List of awsome Cars, i´d love to have in SA. inlove.gif I´m not very good in using the Zmodeler confused.gif , so I´m searchng for somebody who´d create the model & texture, the carcols, handling and default I can do myself. blink.gif




Aston Martin DB9

Audi Le Mans

Bentley Continental GT

BMW 760i (newest Edition)

Bugatti Veyron

Chrysler ME four-twelve

Ferrari F430

Ford GT

Königsegg CC-R

Laraki Fulgura

Maserati Quattroporte (Newest Edition)

Maybach 57

Mercedes SLR McLaren

Noble M14

Pagani Zonda S

Porsche Carrera Gt

Range Rover Vogue

VW Phaeton V12

Wiesmann GT




If anybody is interested in creating one of these cars with me, I´d give you some pictures of the car.


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