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Assets and Properties?


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One of my favorite activities in Vice City was buying up assets and doing their missions. And I also liked having more than three save points on the map. Does anyone know if were going to see anything similar in LCS? Are we going have property and assets to buy?

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smile.gif Yes i think R* did mention in an interview that they were going to include the property feature meanign we will be able to live in more than the 3 original places with one on each island smile.gif


Personnaly i would love it if you were able to buy or at least save at Don Salvatores place, reloading there on that sereen clifftop with the crashign waves would be so cool cool.gif

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I imagine you will be able to.


Most likely, you will be able to buy the restaurant for Tony's Mom, so she can start Moma's Restaurant sleepy.gif

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