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hi every body,


i'm doing a french mod for san andreas with other people ( 9 for modeling 3D and 2 for design), and we will to do a trailer to show what we even done...


The mod want to do a modification of a part of the map with new building and cars

for the trailer we would modified the "main.scm" to create a sequence where there will be an armoured van ( of a bank ) attack with police, fire man, gang...


But, we are not able to change de main.scm, so if somebody can help us or show us... That will be great...


Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english ...




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That would be cool smile.gif A new ghetto for the game...


for scm editing, google "Barton Waterduck Mission Builder" wink.gif u will find something to edit scm's

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Thank's for you're reply, but I already know this one...


I'm just looking for help on SCM coding, or, if someone can do it with us, I okay too.

Bcz we are noob on SCM coding...


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