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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.

Create your own ipl/ide using Kam's IO Script

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Tools you need:

Kam's Map IO script





- Run the script, from GUI press "Get IPL info." button and select any ipl you want.

- Now you have some infos. Press "List DFF" button so all dff file you needed will be listed in Maxscript Listener (F11 to call it out)

- Create a folder and extract all dff from gta3.img to that folder.

* Optional, extract all image from txd to that folder if you want to see textured objects in (G)Max.

- Back to (G)Max and press "DFF Path" button (Top Left). Select the folder where all dff are located.

TIP: You can check if any dff missing form that folder by prssing "Check Missing DFF" button.

user posted imageuser posted image




Import Map:

- Select which game version you are going to import.

- Select texture type if you want to see textured object in (G)Max. Now press the "IPL" button from Import group.

- After a while, you map should be ready in (G)Max. But all models' infos.(IDs, texture pack etc) are missing!

- So you have to import ide. Press the "IDE" button from Import group again.

* Remember not all infos. are stored in ipl/ide pairs. You might need to import more than one ide!

user posted image




Working with your Map:

TIP: Select all and freeze the objects to prevant move/edit any object accidentlly!

- Create/import/merge your objects into (G)Max.

- Select your objects one by one and form my MAP IO script -> Objects Properities, design your properities and press "Set" button to store the infos. into each object.

- You can press the "Get" button to see all infos. in your object.

- Since you can create marker objects(parked car, pickup item etc) in your map. They are unique objects form my MAP IO script.

- From MAP IO script -> Map Objects Creation. Press any button you want. The marker object will be created and selected for you.

- Move it to the location and goto Modify Panel, change any setting you wanted.

* DO NOT rotate/scale the marker objects, use the angle/size spinner in Modify Panel instead.

user posted imageuser posted image




Export Map:

- Make sure which game version you are going to export.

- Select all objects you want to export

- From MAP IO script -> IO Control press the "IPL"/"IDE" button to export the txt to Maxscript Listener

- Copy and Paste these text into a .ipl/.ide and you are ready to test your new map ingame!

Edited by Kam

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Thanks kam very nice biggrin.gif


just what i,ve been looking for smile.gif


good work cheers

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hey kam i do what you say in this tutorial but the game crash when i want to see my map. What i did wrong?


I have all make the pieces (COL , DFF , TXD) and they look fine in the software...

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just a quick question, this map script seems to be very slow opening the map for GTAIII compaired to the other map editors out there, and those are loading textures at the same time....is there any way I can fix this?


my system specs:


Pentium D 830 (3.00GHz)

1GB Ram

ATI Radeon x300


(for more full specs check out HP Media Center m7260n)

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FIXED!!! biggrin.gif

Edited by elimn8

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JJ son


blush.gif Does this works for android gta 3 liberty city map?

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I'm sorry I know this is very old topic but I have a problem with textures, I can't see my objects textured.

I have one folder with all dff files from gta3.img, txd files and also all images extracted from all txd files and all is in one same folder.

But when I import IPL file, map imports correctly, but when I press IDE file for import textures on my objects, nothing happens... (just camera in Max returns to "home") I dunno why.


Please help...



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