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SR San Andreas MP


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Hey... was a pretty long time I wrote smthin on this forum(since the PS2 vesion came out coz the forum just died then).


Well... I c the MTA is doing progress but they dont tell us the release date. And I thougth if you could mod ur cars in there? And it would be f*ckin great if they made some kind of Street Drag Racing. Just a straigth line(maybe that u must go to the end then turn round and back). So everything will be up your car and ur NOS.... hehe


What ya think? This could be a realy good sh*t to waste ur time on(well... now when I only work at night).


Oh and btw: sorry if this been asked... and what's the best site for car models? the only I know is gtagamin.com, gta-action.com and gtagarage.com and when I search at the google's I only get this sites... !!! sad.gif



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original gangster

it will be released when the time is right, there not giving a release date yet. to check out the updates, visit there blog


and i hope you can do modding and such wink.gif

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Yea, I do to bro. Coz if not the MP(Multi Player) sh*t in SA will be the same as VC. Well no big changes though.

But that I'm askin is what ur opinion of that Street Drag Race sh*t. The things that you can relay on ur car and ur car only. I though it'll be cool with that stuff. Otherwise I still can wait for the multi player game. Coz I'm that kind that likes the speed and the adrenalin. The kind that just got his drivings licence and workin his ass of at nights for a livin and 2 buy himself a ride. Otherwise, I'm bored........

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