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Compton, San Andreas and the Blacks


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ei all,


I am a biiiiig fan of this game. in fact my gta gaming started with this game and i love it thoroughly. i specially like the voice acting and real life parallels. this game got me all so interested about real life compton and black music (hip hop and such) and I did read a lot about them and now i'm all the wiser for all that and big fans of those genres. i really didnt have an idea that the usa had such a subculture going through it.


right now i'm playing at the countryside and is in the mission where you race with catalina and her bf. i like the character of 'cj' but am yet to understand what he stands for, good or evil. or if it's all grey - i like greys.


i would like to know if you have anybody here actually from compton, 'straight outta compton' that is - cause this game IS based on compton (and i do think it is a major influencer for compton - it'll make people actually want to learn and know about the hard years of south central and what it is now, and that can never be bad, can it?). so pls lemme know if youre from there. and i'd also like your opinion about real life parallels. have anyone of your experienced anything like the game in real life? plus any pix of compton or such areas with similarity would also be welcome.


i know i'll get flak for this but i also think black ppl in america should do better then they have already done. i've ppl here <em>dying</em> to go to america and there they are wasting their lives away... i certainly don't mean all ppl but a few depicted in such games. I mean, c'mon, i can't understand, how can you be lame enough to not make out something for yourself in the RICHEST FRIGGIN' COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!! that's totally rubbish and if they can't curve out a future for them they should accept that they really are lame and should stop blaming the white ppl. i personally know many americans who are totally color-blind and are fed up with this sh*t going where black ppl (some) blame white ppl whatever happens, it's like the middle east situation, whatever happens to the surrounding muslim arab countries all blame goes to israel. anyway i hope you grasp what i wanna talk about. black people aren't really discriminated anymore here in the usa, some discrimination WILL remain, but that's natural to every society. anyway, more on this l8r.


i do wish to contribute more to this wonderful community. smile.gif

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Gang culture isn't only in Compton. It's all across the United States, even in smaller suburban communities. Its basically the infrastructure for the trade of drugs and weapons in the underground economy. Go rent Tupac Resurrection and watch Juice, Gang Tapes, read the book "The Hip-hop Generation" by Bakari Kitwana and try to read The Underground Lawyer by Michael Minn. That should be a good start in the right direction, and be sure to google anything you don't understand, like COINTELPRO or Shock G


The Hate U Gave Little Infants F***s Everybody

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And it isn't just in America either. Every single country has a gang population and sub-culture. However, a lot of these have evolved from the stereotypes of African American gang culture.


The important thing to remember is that not all African American culture is gang related, there are many more deeper facets to it.

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