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Small modifications by Chris


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This does:


Increases the vehicle variation among peds

Increases variation among peds in all areas of San Andreas

Increases color variations for most vehicles

Ballas and Families are seen more often in Los Santos

Cheaper weapons and minor edits to clothes stats

More cars and peds in some areas

Some weapons do more damage

Gangs sometimes appear outside their territories

Gangs cause more trouble with law enforcement


and other things not mentioned ;-3


This does make things a bit more challenging due to the amount of rival gang members roaming around. catspider.gif


Best results if you start a new game, but new game is not required to play with this smile.gif


1.2 will be up in a few days on GTAGarage

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51L3N7 4554551N
Any screenies? The mod sounds very good, but some ingame screenshots would be encouraging, most people don't DL without them smile.gif
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Gangs like to cause trouble with police or any other ped with the STAT_COP tacked on it.


Note in screen #2 the two different color cop cars...they range from the blue to gray and black..ambulances vary between original red to blue to black.


All gangs just don't drive sh*tty cars, sometimes you'll see them in something like a turismo or zr350 and everything in between (average)...the more organized gangs (triads and mafia) drive expensive and sports cars 75% of the time or something.


Sometimes you'll see desert or country peds in LS/SF/LV and urban peds in country/desert wink.gif


Oooh yea, some peds drive the black boxburg truck used for burglury side missions so it's easier to do without searching around.

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