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Making Suitcase as Weapon?


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Ok, I'm new to making my own mods. All has been going well up to this part.... I'm trying to let the suitcase become a weapon, but when I go to pick it up and scroll to it, it teleports back to where I got it from and vice versa.

Is this impossible to make the shovel into a weapon? If not any ideas/suggestions?


user posted image




Thanks to all that help.


EDIT: The HUD for weapons dissapears too, but I guess I need to make a custom icon?

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hmm, I saw the pic and thought it was going to be a case of the old "reset your xform"


Ashdexx LOVES to say that lol.gif


wink.gif dexx


I dunno man, I replied to let you know that if I tried, someone else might try and help too.


I also was wondering... why? lol. How come you want to beat someone with a suitcase tounge.gif


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im so i dont know much and coulndt help u but that suitcase if funny if u made it i would probly download it. oh and dertyjerzian did anyone expet to kill people with dildos in SA.....lol dont think so

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I'm making it for an LLO pack smile.gif. Someone else helped me find the problem, I need something named hierachy on it, lol. He made a custom suitcase with hierachy and it works xD.


And just so you know the suitcase is actually a pretty nice weapon.

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ha, not something... the hierarchy was just off wink.gif


Gangsta... I wasnt critisizing, I just was wondering... was hoping thered be smething to it was all wink.gif

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