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Island Blocks


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@ZAZ: Rather than handing the person an answer that was already in their grasp if they put forth a little effort, I find it's better for the person asking as well as everybody else if instead you encourage them to find it themselves. It might lead to in the future, them finding other answers themselves instead of asking when they don't need to.


@outlaws: Between this forum, the opcode database/updated sascm.ini, and original code, you already have most everything you will need. In this case, you can think to yourself "When I pass Green Sabre, I'm put into an island that was previously locked and the barricades between them gone. I'll look there for how they did it." Even searching this forum for the word wanted will give you part of your answer. Why am I telling you this? Generally people are more willing to help somebody willing to help themselves. To ask a question after you tried yourself, you're more likely to get your answer.

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Well I found this a while after i posted here.



0629: change_stat  181 (islands unlocked) to  0; integer see statdisp.datand later on in the code:    0629: change_stat  181 (islands unlocked) to  2; integer see statdisp.dat



I changed these numbers around but it didn't do anything. I don't know that all that create_forbidden_for_cars_cube was for a cutcene or somesh*t.


thx zaz.

Edited by OuTLawZ-GoSu
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You don't "change numbers around". You learn what each parameter is and set them accordingly. In this case, you see that stat 181 is islands unlocked, so you wouldn't want to change that at all. The other does change and it appears to control a quantity. Search for all instances of that in the code (there aren't many) and see if you can find which value is highest. That's probably the highest it would be (all islands unlocked).
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search for intro_814 and you should see a bunch of create_forbidden_for_cars_cube delete them all and then you should se something about barriers replace it with



0776: init_objects_in_object_group "BARRIERS1" 0776: init_objects_in_object_group "BARRIERS2" 0777: destroy_objects_in_object_group "BARRIERS1" 0777: destroy_objects_in_object_group "BARRIERS2" 



add this to enable all mod shops



0299: activate_garage 'BODLAWN'  0299: activate_garage 'MODLAST'  0299: activate_garage 'MDSSFSE'  0299: activate_garage 'MDS1SFS'  0299: activate_garage 'VECMOD'


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