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doing it for you


well this one is quite tricky, 'cause i don't know what could be said as a "complete" for this mission - it is not even a mission - i only got a score of 7 (i know it is bad, but this is my first try). i don't think this mission is required for 100% or something, but at least can you please give me a reasonalbe goal to work on? blush.gif


for: bob_vila

mission(?): beefey baron

Helper: chenjx1983

link: click click




can you re-do this mission for bob maybe? 'cause i'd rather do "supply lines" for 10 times than to do this, so boring...(personally speaking, i think it is a bad designed game - you'll lose your target after a u turn, and i'll never be able to destory the targets just in one round if i fly towards them)

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What is so hard with this mission? And it aint actually a mission; more like a game.


- FiJiAn 4 LiFe



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