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HUD weapon icon problem

D.U.I dude

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Hi all,

As you can tell from my 1 post - i'm new to gtaforums.com. rolleyes.gif

I have been adding custom weapon textures that i downloaded for San Andreas,so far no problem...then i decided to rename a mac10 model (which was meant to replace the tec9)to replace the micro uzi. After renaming the mac10 files to micro uzi the gun works fine in game but the HUD weapon icon is now missing! cry.gif

OMG what have i done ! blink.gif

Please could somebody tell me how to get the HUD weapon icon to show a mac 10,I have searched the forum but cannot find any info on how to do this.


Thanks, D.U.I dude

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Ok let me put this another way,would sombody please be kind enough to point me in the direction of a tutorial that shows how to edit the Hud weapon icons in GTA San Andreas.

thanks D.U.I dude

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If you have Txdworkshop by Delfi the fix is simple, you just have to rename the icon texture to that of your new weapon placement for it, eg. "tec9icon" becomes "micro_uziicon"( don't use my spelling as it is usually wrong ),just check what the weapon you are replacing's icon name is and use it. Save the change and then re-install the .txd file into the game.

Delfi's txdworkshop should be in the Tools section and is well worth a download.

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Thanks pinky,

Your help was greatly apprecciated,you were right it was easy with the right tools. blush.gif However I still have a small problem confused.gif ,the icon is now the one I wanted to replace but there is a strange shadow behind the gun and the top left corner of the mac10 is missing. What could I have done to mess it up, I've had a couple of attempts at doing it but each time I am getting the same problem?


user posted image

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