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Highest ID # in SA?


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Just a quick question:


What's the limit for the highest ID # you can use in SA IPL/IDE files?

I know it's 5000 in GTAIII and 6500 in VC, but I can't find what it is in SA, any help?



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18630 is the highest entry

It's in countryS.ide


You can only add 5 new ones to SA

Where the numbers stop working I'm not sure

I've used 18639


easy enough to test some yourself

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yep. Beat, I know. It's until the limits can be changed somehow. Maybe you will like to empty a copy of your SA folder of it's map? Help with Codename Grove? biggrin.gif

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I think the highest is 20000... thats what it looked like last time i went hacking through the file which was a couple months ago... right now i am about to start into classes at college over here at cal poly which makes things kinda hard in terms of hacking sa so yea i can only hack the +5 limit if someone can count the total number there are and see if it conforms to anything that is actually listed in memory...

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