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Need help. I'm doing the circling the airport training and I feel as though i'm hitting all the CORONAS dead center but when i'm done I get 0%. The best I ever got was 44% and I have no idea why I even got that. Does missing one CORONA mean your screwed even though you circle back and get it beofre heading to the next?


Why ROCKSTAR ever put flying missions back in the game after all the HATE they received from VICE CITY is beyond me. I don't think it's just me judging from what I read. You guys have serious "control" issues with flying. Either get your sh*t together for GTA "Afganistan" or sh*t can the flying garbage!! suicidal.gif

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blindsk8er6d9, DO NOT post aswell as reporting. One or the other please. Preferably just reporting. That's as big an offence as the one you're actually questioning. see: Replying To Spam



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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You have to finish in a certain time to be guaranteed a medal.


100% = less than 60 secs (gold)

85% = 67.5 secs (silver)

70% = 75 secs (bronze)


If you get a time of 75 secs or above, then you dont get a medal even if you circle the airstrip. You don't have to hit the corona dead center. Going through any part of it will register. And also if you miss a corona, start all over. It would bea waste of time turning around and going for that corona.


Try watching a video tutorial. It will give you a beter idea of what to do.


- FiJiAn 4 LiFe

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