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If this topic is annoying or bothers anybody who knows more about this then i do, im sorry. But anyway, how do u get images from the game and post them online, like the "mystery picture contest". How would i get pictures from in game action/enviroment and be able to post it online? Any info at all will b a big help.


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For the PC Version Press the Print Screen button which is above the keypad arrows then open up Paint and paste it in there ctrl+v.

PS2 you need a usb stick to do it... which i'm not entirely sure of

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go to Johnson house and go to your room to get a camera.if you want a picture of the car just click right and aim at the car,then click lift.well done cool.gif

Go to my document>GTA San Andreas User Files>Gallery.In side the gallery have all pictere you got from the camera.



biggrin.gif Try It biggrin.gif


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