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Need help with coordinates..


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Ok can someone tell me what is wrong with this vcmp car spawn? I dunno what it is and iv tried comparing it to the normal ones that already work but theres to many friggin numbers and i just get confused when i start the server with these car spawn codes i made the car dosent appear! bored.gif i dunno what im doing wrong so can you help?


Heres one of my codes..


EDIT: Iv noticed theres commas after the coords and i know theres somethin up with the end of it that i cant figure out! cry.gif



;Vehicle = 176 592.364, -1728.463, 7.567.2 90 -1 -1


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;Vehicle = 176 592.364, -1728.463, 7.567 90 -1 -1


If there's a ";" before "Vehicle" then it's commented out, in other words it will be ignored and will not be parked.


Vechicle defines that it is a car.

176 is the car ID in the default.ide

592.356 is the X Coordinate.

-1728.463 is the Y coordinate.

7.567 is the Z Coordinate

90 is the Car Z angle.

-1 is the Primary colour.

-1 is the secondary colour.



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Note: Do not put commas between the co-ordinates



Vehicle = 176 592.364, -1728.463, 7.567 90 -1 -1






Vehicle = 176 592.364 -1728.463 7.567 90 -1 -1


Correct biggrin.gif

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