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Modded Car wheels


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Does anyone else think that the wheels you can put on your car at the mod garages are a bit on the small side? Is there anyway to make them bigger?


I ask this because I took a Stratum into WAA to mod it up, and the wheels that were already on it were bigger than the ones avaliable in the shop.

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I think the size of the wheels is based on the car as a standard. The only thing you can do to the wheels is just change the look of the wheels and not size.

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you CAN change the size of the wheels, as long as you can edit and SAVE the vehicles.ide file.


I'll use the Uranus as an example:



558,	uranus,  uranus,  car,  	URANUS,  URANUS,  null,	richfamily,  7,  0,	0,  -1, 0.7, 0.7,  1




At the end of the line, you'll see the

0.7, 0.7,

section. This is, of course, front and rear wheels (respectively). The larger the number, the bigger the wheels. If you need a better concept of the settings, compare the go-kart with the monster truck... then you'll see how the numbers effect wheel size.

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