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"Blank" BSOD in WinXP


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I'm currently trying to play GTA:SA v1.0 EURO using the correct HOODLUM crack with the save folder reg fix.


After starting the game, I can do anything I want.

But when I punch any NPC or point a weapon at them while standing in front of them, the game crashes, showing a blue screen with no text on it.


I've been experiencing the system save folder problem too since I've formated my pc and decided not to open an account for my parents (keep them away from your pcs, they destroy everything they touch ;P).

But that's all solved with the reg fix I found here at these forums (thank you very much!).


My specs are: Windows XP SP2 (with all the latest updates), ATI Radeon 9600 XT, AMD Sempron 2800+ (2.0Ghz), 512Mb RAM.


Can any one help me?

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Can any one help me?

No. We don't allow discussion or give support for No-CD cracks here. If you're having problems then use the disk (that I assume you own. If you don't - buy it).



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