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My Controls..... They Are le' Gone!


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Ok, here it is:


First off I haven't played SA since June. (Because I went to CA and I didn't take mah computer.) Then when I came back I wanted to test some of your new mods. First I unmodded it. Then I tryed to play just regular. Nope, Not a single thing works besids the mouse and the enter and esc key.

Re-Installed it then tested it, nope.


So if someone can tell me what to do it would be VERY helpful.


Some info on my computer:


Operating System: XP SP2

Video Card: Radeon 9800 or 9600.

Processor: AMD Athlon

RAM: 512 MB


I ran the game before and it worked perfectly. The only thing that changed since I got back was that I now have HL2.

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First things first. Did You try deleting the set file? Re-installing does not do that. Manually delete all GTA SA files from -> my documents. You have to remap keys and settings if they are not default. Let´s see what we can do if Your problem still exists after that.

PS. Your system specs are allright, it´s not that.

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I'll try that, but I just remembered that it doesn't read the disc completely either. Not sure if it is the same problem or what. What it does it that it reads teh disc, autoplays to the menu where u select play gta sa, then it stops there.

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I´m not fully understanding about reading the disc. Try using hoodlom no-cd crack. Just make sure Your game is unmodded and not patched (unless there is no-cd for patched version)

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