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Help with Burning Desire Mission


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I'm trying to complete the Burning Desire Mission, but I can't pick up the Molotov Cocktails (and if you can't pick them up, you can't continue). I also noticed during the stealth mission in Mad Dogg's crib, I could'nt pick up the silenced handguns either.


Is there some condition or other mission I need to satisfy before I can pick up the molotovs?



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Well if you are carrying a weapon of the same kind, then it won't automatically pick it up when you run into it. You have to press the TAB key to do so. So if you already have grenade, satchel charge or tear gas, then you won't be able to pick up the molotov cocktails. Same goes for silenced pistol



- FiJiAn 4 LiFe

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