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HOW ! Do I edit the airplane handling?


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ultimate editor dont work and my cars can go to 1096 kp,h but AIR PLANES

only do go to MAX 300 kp,h why? iv tried Change the dollar options but no

SUCSESS please help me..

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GTASA Ultimate Editor is known to have lots and lots of bugs and is very difficult to use. For editing handling, you would probably find CFG Studio a lot easier to use.


There is no known solution to the airplane speed limit. I tried for a couple of hours editing the standard data for the Hydra and the special flying data for it but could only make it slower. biggrin.gif

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I have treid multiple methods of increasing the aircrafts speed limit but they all just max out at 168mph.

I have altered thrust, drag, mass, the x y z factors, in fact pretty much everything. I think the top speed must have been hard coded in to prevent frame rate problems. Although I would love to be proven wrong, my Blackbird seems a bit pathetic only doing 168mph.

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