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Zalman cpu cooler


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Hey all,


Just recently got a Zalman CNPS 7000 B - CU cpu cooler, it replaced my Spire Whisper Rock IV. I've got an AMD A socket (Athlon XP 3000+ ~ 2.17ghz). I mounted it into the case, applied thermal grease, and started using it. However, when I check my BIOS, it says that my cpu reaches a temperature of 51 degrees Celcius. How can this be? Did the temperature sensor go mad or something? I'd expect the cpu to be around 35 degrees.


Thanks for any help.


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I put a thin layer on the processor where it makes contact with the cpu cooler, like it said in the construction manual.


Also, when I start the computer, the BIOS says the temperature of my cpu is 40 degrees.


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When I start it it's around the 45-50°C. Then after loading Windows and logging on it's 45°C (with 29°C Room Temperature confused.gif)


Like you said, I tried that first, too but got 55-60°C after loading Windows so I just put the grease on but didn't rub it out. Then I put on the cooler, put some pressure on it and bingo: 45°C at starting.


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Thin layer = lose? Hmm, I'll just put on the remainder of the grease I've got left then and we'll see what happens. Maybe the heat can be transported properly with more grease applied.


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Grease turd applied, let's see what it does.


But yeah, that's still not going to be close to the expect 35 degrees. confused.gif


I mean, what if I would've had an AMD 64 processor?


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Why does it seem like your guy's temps are cooler than mine? i dont get it, my computer runs idle at 54-55C Stock and now that i think of it that sounds blazing hot. and the fan only spins like 920RPM's Average.


It's a AMD XP 3200+ @ 2.2Ghz

it seems odd that your fan ould only be going 900RPM, and 55*C sounds extremely hot for stock clock speeds. the failing point for the XPs is apparently 70*C so as long as your temps stay under that, it isn't TOO much of an issue. the reason my temps are so much lower is because my processor is an athlon 64(which is going to be a little cooler) and because of the heatsink. at stock speeds, the heatsink was keeping the processor at about 25*C Idle.


I have a xp 3200+ that runs about 54C idle and according to what Sip Yek Nod said in another topic....his AMD 64 runs cooler even when overclocked.

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Did you use the thermal grease that came with the Zalman?

If so go get some Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound, and be sure to read their web site which has detailed instructions and pretty pictures too on how to apply AS5. Read them top to bottom, print the pages out and read it some more, start to work and have the print out on hand and keep reading.

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the atlon XP's naturally run at a higher temp. the "danger zone" for an XP is 90*C whereas the "danger zone" for an athlon 64 is only 60*C


so 51*C is within the normal range, and if the heatsink was installed right, should be lower than your previous temps. you should be comparing to your previous temps, rather than the temperatures other people are getting with athlon 64s

Edited by SIP YEK NOD
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Thanks for the tip on the thermal grease wolf, I will read all of that very soon. I'm going to remove some of the thermal grease tomorrow, so only a thin layer remains. It's Zalman grease, yes, but maybe there's too much grease applied now, with all the different tips I got. tounge.gif


If there's no difference tomorrow, I'll contemplate on getting some arctic silver.


Thanks for the insight, Sip, that explains why the athlon 64 temperatures are a lot lower. I think I used to get around 56-58c using the old cooler and now I get around 48. Messing around with the grease a bit should get it down to 45 maybe. I'll post the results.


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The room temperature is around 27 degrees now and the mobo temperature is exactly 30 degrees.


I whiped off all thermal grease and applied a very thin layer. Same result: 48c.


Edit: AS5 ordered.

Edited by DJDeez


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