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Proportional Controls?


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Hi, i played GTA 3 and VC on the pc and loved them, i then bought san an for the PS2 and i was pleased to take advantage of the proportional gas and brake offered by the DS2 the extra control of the car (iding through neighbourhoods, applying a little brake at high speeds to brake and steer, etc..) it just seemed a lot better than the on/off methods used by the pc versions.


i'm just wondering whether the pc version has this, and how do you configure a controller, and what controller would you use?



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I think it is possible on PC too. You need this:


Original PS2 controler

Converter to plug DS2 into PC (you can get that stuff on Lik Sang I think)

SAAC (San Andreas Advanced Controls) - a MOD for SA


But I'm not sure if it actually supports full analogue.


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Cheers for the reply mike, i have been reading through the forums and i read about SAAC, and the other methods of configuring controllers, but nothing on analogue gas / brakes.



i've been wanting one of those adapters for some time, ps2 pads are the best, imo, and i certainly wouldn't like steering the cars without analog sticks. hmm, does the game (or pehaps even the adapter+drivers) even support the proportional buttons? and does the pc version support and type of proportional throttle controls. has anyone tried using a steering wheel controller for SA?



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