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Do any of you know what the paramedic model dff name is in the gta3.img file? It is for a video I am creating which should be out in a couple weeks if I can find this out for the intro.



SO if you could please help me it would be greatly appreciated, rah.gif



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I think its Ambience

If you don't stop posting when you have no idea what you're talking about, I'll alert staff.


@Aenima: As a general rule, the gameplay forum is for people that play the game. Many of them might not even know how to find out. Maybe they own it on the console or maybe they were just never interested in modding. So you're better off asking such things in the modding forum where those who tear into the game files discuss such things. To answer your question, deafault.ide tells you all you need to know.

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Ambulance (VC/SA): ambulan.dff/txd


Vice City: medic.dff/txd


San Andreas: laemt1.dff/txd, lvemt1.dff/txd, sfemt1.dff/txd


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