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Frome SA 2 VC


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If you are going to use Gmax or Max, get Kam's latest DFF I/O script and import the SA guns to the 3D program.


Next, import the VC gun you want to replace.


SA object handle and direction of barrel should be matched exactly as close as possible to VC object.


Open the schematic view and delete the VC object.


Center pivot to the world, OR reset and apply XForm, OR Hierarchy Tab>Affect Pivot Only>Move Transform Tool 0.0, 0.0, 0.0. (some guns need gizmo/axis set at special location!!! Mini gun for sure!!!)


Deselect Affect Pivot Only


Deselect any sub-level selection (nothing should turn red when selected, only white with white bounding box)


Select the model.


Export to VC format.


Import to gat3.img for VC.


*Note that...


A: Some items may need to be renamed to match the weapon object names in VC.

B: Some objects may have a different hierarchy to be re-laid!


Good luck! I hope you get those guns in your game!

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Yeah about the only thing I can think of Jerz didn't fully cover already is the mini-gun tech thing. It has two files for that certain weapon, one for the chassis of the gun, one for the spinning barrels. At least as I remember it...



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