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GTA : LVS Mappers an coders


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Hello all


The team is looking for coder(s)


Michael of the lvs team used to do this but it's a hard job. If we find coders michael can concentrate on the mapping.

Do you think you can code well ? react at the gta-lvs subforum "join the team" or you can put your message here.


Just say what you already achieved with coding, and he will think about it

If you are good enough you can join the team.


So, if you want to code for lvs, you can join now !


Michael is also looking for mappers for GTA : San Andreas. The problem is there aren't any mapper programs at the moment so you need to know mapping in notepad, you think you can do it, don't wait and join the lvs team now

If you want to join Michael will think about it, just put your message here or in the " join the team" forum on the gta-lvs website



Cu in the crew




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Addition by Opie:

If you're going to make a recruitment topic for a TC, INCLUDE PICTURES OF WHAT YOU'VE DONE YOURSELF IN THE FIRST POST. Also include plans (actually plans, not 'lets make a TC about drugz and gangstaz') as well as an expected timeline for progress on your mod.


This will help people work out whether it's worth their time joining, or whether you're going to expect others to do all the work then abandon it anyway two weeks down the track.


Any topic about a TC which obviously has little to no planning, a poor leader, or no pictures included in the first post is liable to be locked.



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