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Radio on Bikes


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One of the biggest down sides of bikes in SA is they maybe the best way to get around bu they have no radio. They are fun to ride around the country and cit areas but without a radio it gets boring.


So i wanted to know if anyone knows how i can make it so that when you are on a bike (mabye even while you are walk) you can listen to the radio and have all the abilities like the car, radio on, off, change station. A bit like CJ has an MP3 Player. I know modstar did the same thing for VC so that when you were walking you could listen to the radio.


So does anyone know how i could do it? All i know is that it is able to be done in the script, a least that is how modstar did it.


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off the top of my head all i know is you can set the radio to a certain station in the car



041E: set_radio_station  3 



so you would maybe have to make a check that hes driving a bmx,bicycle and mountain bike then set the radio and sumhow allow him to change it


theres probaly a easier way but thats just of the top of my head

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Demon Joe, do you know how to set the radio to the user track player? Which number that may be? I'd like my user tracks to be the station in my stripped game inlove.gif

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mmm.... good question after i find some way to make more space in my scm (i had loads before i added driver mod now game dont start cuz to much space taken up) ill have alook
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yea i know that only sets it to a certain radio station but i havent tried on bikes yet anyway heres radio station numbers foudn in peds.ide but i think they are from Vice city notify.gif



# radio stations

# Rap    0

# Pop    1

# Interview  2

# Soul    3

# Rock    4

# Current affairs 5

# Spanish  6

# Fernando  7

# new wave  8

# off    9


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hmm, those do look old.


I was experimenting a few weeks ago trying to set the stations. i think there is a ten and eleven now.


Sorry we're jacking the topic, this really is the best place for ths discussion, and as yless said, a radio able to play will be able only for vehicles which are hardcoded to accept a radio.


Y_Less: since you dont PM me back (bastard), I've got to say... Our idea will work for the... fun time place... but moving pieces will NOT support collision, ever. confused.gif

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yea i know that only sets it to a certain radio station but i havent tried on bikes yet

Then you probably shouldn't offer it as the soluction without saying so.


Y_Less isn't a bastard.


Bikes don't use the radio so no command in SCM will make it. In fact, I think the set radio command means next time you DO hear a radio, it will be steered. You can maybe try switching vehicle ID's, but I'll bet no radio is an attribute of the cycle class of vehicle.

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Y_Less isn't a bastard.



I know Dem. I was just playin' tounge.gif


Hopefully he cracked a smile about it and didnt get mad confused.gif

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