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[WIP | SCR] SA Girlfriend Model


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After dabbling a bit with a new model (see some other threads

in "Textures & Modeling" category if curious) I decided I needed

to start over.


Here's the result (hope you like 'er):




As noted, the model is 1960 triangles fat and hasn't a lick 'o

texture on her.


I haven't started the texture work yet, cause I'm still in the

process of rigging her and making sure the skinned envelopes

don't bugger the mesh too badly...


Hopefully, by the time I've got that stuff done somebody will

have come up with a way to export .dff character models from

3ds Max into SA. wink.gif







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You the man! Model those peds! biggrin.gif *shamelessly promotes organics modeling*


Heheh with no texture she reminds me of one of them old timey fertility statues biggrin.gif Guess it's the womanly attributes... You do know your models run at about 1/7 the polys mine do right? That's a good thing. I still don't know how you live with their face. What I mean is; I can't seem to leave it alone and think "texture will give it life, move on", so I spend an absolute crapload of polys in the face usually, modeling near everythin. Then again those aaare different approaches I spose. Mreh either way you got me skinned and beat imo biggrin.gif


Got wire man? Just a hit to keep me going... *snort*

Heh cool stuff, likin it so far rampage_ani.gif

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I'd say the same 'til I tried to model some ass cracks wink.gif They are fricking impossible.


How's that look with self illum/fakey game level light? Maybe that sorts it, or maybe not. Remember to model her starkers first, so you can be a filthy pig about it. Are we going to get into nudity issues at gtaf confused.gif That might actually become an issue hahaha. Won't THAT be easy to handle tactfully hmm?


I wonder o_O


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thanks for the feedback Augh and Dannbro. smile.gif


Augh, I'd like to get in there and do a bunch of detail on the

face, but I'm going to see how the textures pull it out. I'm

actually pleased with the detail there is on it now (with lighting

from above) considering the face has 218 triangles.


user posted image


Dannbro...you are probably right about the crack. I'll shrink it

up a bit, but I also think the lighting is accentuating it as well.

I'm figuring once any texturing gets on there it will have a

dramatic change (hopefully for the better). wink.gif


As to the nudity issue....well, I'm trying to be responsible and

kinda censor it a bit (like the red dots on my other post). Figure

you don't need to have an age-check to get into this site and some

folks might be upset little 'buford' saw computer generated

nippleys, heh.


Again, thanks for the feedback. smile.gif






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Just looked at R*'s bfypro.dff and copgrl1.dff and it ain't pretty.

I have a feeling 1900+ polys is going to push the envelope too

much sad.gif


Here's what I mean:


user posted image


at best I'm 500 triangles over budget cryani.gif


back to poly-prunin I guess ...






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You're SO much closer to budget than I expected. I reckon you can scare up those polys you wanted to cut from the thighs area almost entirely, in the spinaround ani they look very smooth, even more than the rest, so you could probably afford to lose a row or two there, if yer after saving them hehe.


Yeah see, that's what I meant about faces biggrin.gif Cannae work it out meself.


More! wink.gif



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Welp, after some futzin, I rearranged polys in what I hope is a

better organization. Lotso changes:


- cut out 60 triangles

- restructured face

- rebuilt hair

- fixed some flow issues on legs

- fixed butt cleavage and rebuilt naughty bits


and lo 'n behold...she's back up to 1961 polys! lol.gif


Ah well...I'm leaving her that size, and see what happens if I'm

ever able to load her into the game. Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif


Anyhow, I got motivated and put a rig in her and she was so

excited she went and got liquored up!.......






user posted image


There's some issues with her still:


- hands/forearms too long and clip into herself

- some crimping in pelvis and shoulder/clavicle

- some stretching in her armpit and area between buttcheek and hamstring

- and some anims just plain weren't made for this model


but it's as good as it's gettin' for now. It's time for texturing werk, I reckon. smile.gif






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Smooooooth. You still rocking man biggrin.gif


you got texture ideas yet? Or just gonna see who she wants to be.


...I'd keep the drunken angle, but that's just me wink.gif


Niiiice rampage_ani.gif

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Drakar, you and me both wink.gif


Azekriel, you won't see ingame screens till some folks figure

out how to export .dff character models from 3dsMax (or some

other 3d proggie). Those folks ain't me as I don't have my brain

coded in that fashion.


Augh, I'm going to texture her nekkid for this version, then see

about putting some clothes on her for other versions. I expect

there may be some adjustments necessary for that stuff (like

having to move edges or add polys based upon clothing goals).

As it stands now I may have to adjust a bit for this variant cause

where I've got my edges in the eyebrow area may get jacked

when she raises her eyebrows or frowns. We shall see.


Thanks for the responses, guys...nice to know I'm not just

wasting my time ovah here. tounge2.gif





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man i loved your woman model you made. mate i know she's just a creation but damn she looks fine. you certainly know how to make women-created stuff look soo good, u mustve studied playboy n hustler really well smile.gif


i like to ask you, would be at all possible to make your model replace one of the characters in gta sa like catalina to me she's my fave character and she looks nice n all but would it be a big ask that you could replace catalina and put your creation in place of her but keep catalina's face n maybe improve hers a lil?


i find that catalina's model is a bit too scrawny n short as your model looks staueque n curvy, like angelina jolie. ( hey now i can see your models resemblance, you mustve used her as inspiration, good on you man biggrin.gif) mate your creation would make a great replacement of catalina.


if you could release that sweet model as a mod you made and make it replace any characters to anyones liking especially mine it would rock.


tell you what, your model would make for a great hot coffee smile.gif


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ok enuff gushing from me, i do have a tiny critisim of your model tho n i mean it in a nice way:

i find her breasts hang a lil low n sag a fair bit. if you sorta gave them a bit of a lift plus add more layer of chest to give it a bit of cleavage n fullness as well as make them wider when you see them in the front side to give them a bit of a stretch it would make your model look a beauty to behold n would make her look even more real n visual.


her arms are a lil too thin n her shoulders are a bit small man. add a fair bit of tone n thickness to her arms n give her shoulders sum broadness as women naturally are broad n tightly toned as i would know, i seen n been with a few smile.gif everything else looks great, just the arms shoulders n breasts need a bit of a tweak.


and one small thing: make her ponytail a lil bit more thicker n longer to round out her figure.


thats all really. you really are that good, rockstar should hire your ass for the next gta game. good work. smile.gif


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51L3N7 4554551N

Don't double post in the space of 11 minutes dozingoff.gif


Anyway, nice model justa, its looks really good, the body is a lot more defined since the last model smile.gif



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little update on the texture work. Here's the initial UV layout

(although I'm not totally liking it...I may try to compact it closer

to R*'s technique in the future)


user posted image


Now to *finally* get started on actual textures on her.


rootmanback - thanks for the praise and critique. My intention

for her mamms was to give her some size but not make them

look too silicon-ish without the effects of gravity. I'm going to

leave her "as is" for now in terms of the geometry cause I'm

fairly satisfied with it (with the exception of the problem areas

mentioned above).


51L3N7 4554551N - thanks for your encouragement as well. This

model is about 150 polys heavier than the last one, which

gave me a little more room to define areas...also, I learned a bit

from doing the last one and tried to focus on doing better. wink.gif


hopefully my next post will be with some texturin on this hoochie-mama. biggrin.gif







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That looks really smooth, and not a polymonster, and that really counts. I wish you the best of luck getting 'er in-game, because I think its hard to get models for SA in-game. P.S I like the big boobies! ph34r.gif
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thanks fer the well-wishes, kraxxuz.


here's where I'm at so far:


user posted image


got started on the texture work and wasn't happy with it, so

I went back and edited some of the polys...which turned in to

me fine-tuning some of the weight envelopes (again). So at

this point I'm still working on the texturing.





in the above anim, you'll note that I've managed to get her hair

to move as she walks, so anybody else out there working on

character models, don't forget to experiment with yer

envelopes! wink.gif


anyhow...back to more texture werk... smile.gif





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Oh hell, duh, of course... I noticed Catalina's titbones virtually stick out of her back, seemed strange as hell. But now I'm expecting that is why. Cool stuff man.


*waits for someone to walk in and catch you texturing nippzorz...* biggrin.gif


Muhahaha rampage_ani.gif

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