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[SNP] Vertical Bird


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Ok the deal is that i can fly without a problem but i end up doing trick with the plane so i fall into water. Can u plz complete this mission for me and tell me if anything happens after u finish the mission.


LINK: http://bluehydraro.hostnmore.com/samutz/sa...39f23dc5dd5107e


INFO: You can use cheats if u like to

Also save file is really close!!!!:) to the mission


Mission name Vertical Bird


THX for help alien.gif

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i like this mission soooooo much, i'll do it!


edited: done




for: pktigerpl

mission: vertical bird

helper: chenjx1983

link: right-click and save as...HERE


notes: save back at madd dogs' mantion



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lol thx, i really likes this mission to it's my favorite of the game but i fly with hydra half of the time i play so i just somehow end up in water rampage_ani.gif But yeah mission with my fav. plane nice!!!!





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