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I'll make this very brief, as I don't have much time.


My mouse half locks up (I can move it left and right, but that's it). Once this happens, I have about 20 seconds till my computer restarts. When it restarts, the mouse is already half locked. What is this, and what can I do?


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If it's a ball mouse, the Y roller's probably f*cked. If it doesn't work after new drivers (and it IS actually a ball mouse) I'd be getting a new mouse.


If it's optical, ignore this.

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It's an optical mouse.



Also, while starting up, it says drives 0-3 are undetected.


When I get to the start menu, it says I have new hardware on my computer.


I'll try suggestions tomorrow when I get up.


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Did you have to install drivers for that mouse or did it come with the system?

Can you find a simple old ball mouse that connected via PS/2? If so try it and see how the system reacts.


You need to elimate the mouse itself as a problem. You may have to completely uninstall the drivers.


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