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New Siggy Pwease


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I'd like a new sig please, with this pic.


user posted image


Yes, it's a wookie, It's Tarfful smile.gif


I don't know about the background color, just make something that fits in with the pic, you can render it if you want.


I'd also like Tartey in the bottom right hand corner, thnx alot smile.gif


prefferably the same size as my sig atm




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51L3N7 4554551N

user posted image


I'm not an amazing sig maker, and this is my first attempt at making the top bit transparent


Hope you like it Tartey, if you want an avatar, I can do that too smile.gif

Edited by 51L3N7 4554551N
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whatdya mean transparent  blink.gif  to me they look the same  tounge.gif

Guess what? You use IE!


Use the magic eraser to clean those off-white areas out.


EDIT: Damnit, that was mine.

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