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Higher Quality San Andreas


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I was wondering if anyone knows of any good high quality configs for GTA:SA. SOmething that will hopefully increase the draw distance even more and make it so the textures remain high quality. I am kind of sick of turning the camera, and seeing half the map missing or something like that. I had downloaded one a while ago, but am assuming a newer better config might be out? It kind of sucks flying a plane around, and not knowing where the water is because the game didn't draw that far.


MY specs are:


Athlon XP-M 2.5Ghz


Audigy 2 ZS Gamer



So basically my comp can handle it... i just don't know the tweeks needed.

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Have you tried the various draw distance mods that are available? I recommend 5x draw distance, you can find it here do a search. What resolution do you run it at? If it is too high a resolution for your monitor the image will not look so great. For a 17" stick with 1024x768 with more AA, for 19" try 1280x1024 with AA. Don't mess with 1600x1200 if it is not the recommended resolution for you monitor.

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10x drawdistance mod.

download (or why not mod yourself?) better textures.

I have 17" and 1280x1024. (4 ms panel though) sonicview.


If You fly high and watch down, you may still have flickering / not seeing textures. That bugs. Live with it.

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