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How can I get to Liberty City?


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I have tried to reach Liberty City by following Ben Flemings "Official Getting to Liberty City guide"..


I have come as far to the place where i shall fly up and jump ou of the vechicle.. but the guide says that I shall park a Maverick into my garage before i am leaving.. But I can't get the Maverick into the garage! how shall I do this?? When I made it to the last place where i shall jump out I used a car but after a while I fell into the sea.. just swimming around in nowhere.. I am pretty desperate to get to Liberty City, so if anyone would like to help me I would be extremly happy:D


I am sure that it is easier to fly a Maverick straight up in the air then a car..


So therefore I want the Maverick into the garage..


And also.. Whick button shall i press to release the parachute..?


I do not remember.. Think it is [Enter] but I ain't sure..


PS. I am playing the game at an computer:)


I hope i'll get an answer:)



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That vid was cool! Ribbit pulled the boat to garage Lol biggrin.gif

Those explosives-thing was useful, it helped me to get LC too.

Its easy, cauz u can "see" where the vehicle is.

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you could always purchase a cheating device, i had the same problem, now all i do is go into zip and boom i'm in Liberty City. Theres not much to do there.

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