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Help please


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I need a little help!!!

In the released source i have compiled all files, the server and rcon connect to each other fine but when the game is trying to connect i get these errors (see below example).

Maybe i'm doing something wrong...



Exception At Address: 0x1002385ERegisters:EAX: 0x017A3E00	EBX: 0xFFFFFFFF	ECX: 0x00000068	EDX: 0x00000000ESI: 0x017A3E00	EDI: 0x017A0D30	EBP: 0x00000000	ESP: 0x0012FD54EFLAGS: 0x00010206Stack:0x10023B2C0x017A3E000x000000040x017A0D300x10023AC80x0065EB500x1000520F0x0065EE300x017A0E300x000000000x000000000x000000000x000000000x00188B380x0065EB500x006D00B30x001859F40x006554830x00188B380x001005C20x000000010x000000590x001859F40x0064AA180x00188B38



Any help would be great..



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