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Pedestrian Modification


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Lots of talk about zombie mods...


What I want to know is if there is the possibility of having the 3 types of people, player, civilian, and zombie?


To elaborate I was thinking, would it be possible to have a zombie ped hit/bite a civilian and have the civilians texture turn to a zombified version, and adopt zombies actions. That also means the zombie which attacked in the 1st place would have to stop attacking the recently zombified and go after the nearest human ped.


Also as far as attacks go... could one not modify the kick animation into a bite animation, and remove all other attack animations from the zombie, so when it came into contact with a human it'd do its biting routine that are oh so popular with the undead?


So far Im thinking the biggest thing would be can the texture be changed as result of an interaction?


I have no trouble modding cars, I'm a little lost on peds, and the easy editors and so on, dont let you get as far in as you want, granted Id be lost.


Anycase, if someone could let me know if the code was possible, Id love to mess about for my own amusement.


Ah, another thing... GTA:SA constantly spawns peds in accordance to where your are/going... Would it all be possible (this is only if the zombie infecting thing worked) to have some manner of a record of who where got infected, so that if there were 5 zombies on the otherside of the city, seeing how stupid peds are, by the time you got over there there would by 20-30?


Mostly pipe-dreams Im guessing, but the free roaming game just has so much potential.


Much thanks.

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Most complicated would probably be to create the new animations. As for ped behavior, now in SA we have access to some AI data (see Data\Decision\*.ped), also custom groups can be created and a special set of anims assigned, but yea, you need new anims for that first.


The infection mod itself shouldn't be too complicated. There's an opcode to get a random ped near an actor, and return it as actor handle. You could then store the location of the ped, destroy it, and create a zombie ped in it's place (since I doubt texture swapping works for peds, and you would need tons of textures). If the find-ped-and-infect code is in a subroutine, you can rather easily iterate through your zombie actor array, and let each one of them find their next victim. BUT: I'm quite sure there's a (rather low) limit on how many actors you can have at the same time, so no hordes of zombies; might be hackable though.


Edit: Meh, I'm not even sure if peds would spawn near actors that are out of sight of the player. Could do a workaround though, by randomly creating new zombies there - since the player can't see it, it doesn't matter how they appear.

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You could then store the location of the ped, destroy it, and create a zombie ped in it's place (since I doubt texture swapping works for peds, and you would need tons of textures).

Model swapping does, which brings the associated texture with it. My experiences with this though is that the game will crash if the swap is visible. So replacing a ped will be more successful. Spawning one where the other is will only replace it if the code's already been told to forget about the original one. No big deal since you only need the first to extablish the coords. BUT peds are so small that spawning another might bump them beside one another. So probably best to grab the first ped's coords, warp him to nowhere, forget him, then spawn the zombie.

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I see, no hordes unless you took the say 40 types of peds and divided them into something like 6 groups of peds 3 random women 3 random guys, and the zombie replacements for them....


The Long Night mode seems to have a decent horde-ish quality to it, well from what Ive seen.


I guess, though I suppose the fantasy is standing on the roof of your car and watching zombies clamber at you maul all peds that enter the area...


The engine seems like it would be so well suited to something like that, then again thats probably why theres so many Zombie posts, even if 80% of them are from the same guy tounge.gif

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