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Some ?'s about modeling


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I want to learn how to model what's the recommend program to start with? i'v tryied 3dsmax cinema 4d and zmodeler (only ave zmod installed atm)


And also are there any tutorials on how to get a car ingame?

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Softimage XSI.


I mean, 3ds Max. Zmod doesn't handle things like normals, smoothing, geometry, other important things like this so well. Zmod2 may be some improvement, but if you have a $x000 program sitting right there, I dunno why the hell you would plump for Zmod in either incarnation.


Use the best tools you have available. In this case, Max would seem to qualify. It makes a lot more sense in terms of modeling too, not to mention being veeery powerful by comparison to Zmod, I dunno if they really directly compare.


Cheers rampage_ani.gif

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