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I've almost completed a complete conversion of all cars, bikes, some buildings, Peds, Gangs, Particles and textures with the idea of making the whole of SA a bit more reallife.

I have to get the permission of the original mod makers and Just have to complete the modded version of the game(at 40% already) to find possible bugs and there are 4 vehicles that still have to be made (The Ford gt40. general Lee, a Jeep Wrangler and a good mod for the slamvan)

I just want to deliver the Data and models Folders in a zip File, (or any other better and smaller form)

It's now about 700mb in Zip


is there anyone who can host it or any other idea's or input on this what so ever


I would show pics but for some reason I can't upload music.gif




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So; you're posting in the mod showroom without any screenshots, links, downloads, or permission from the original authors. Nice one.



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